As a Guitar Instructor, Session Musician, Producer and Songwriter
for more than 30 years,
I can confidently say that I can guide you toward reaching your musical goals in the fastest possible way.
No matter if you want to play in a band on a Friday night and take some solos over Classic Rock songs, or you wish to become the greatest guitarist you can become in any style, I will show you how.
It does not have to take forever but it does mean YOU have to do the work!
I can only guide you. 
Think of this as more of a mentorship than standard guitar lessons. 
I do not have time to waste, nor do you.

I've been a Skype teacher for several years.
This medium is very successful and you will learn in the comfort of your own home or business.

I also offer Master Classes on guitar.
These are ideal if you are looking for an overview of my playing style or if you are already a professional musician and need help coming up with parts for an upcoming recording or need to get your playing in shape for a tour!

A Master Class is 3 hours long at a rate of $150
This is fantastic if you want to make the trip to my studio one time or once a month for lessons.
Rates are $60 per lesson with payment made prior to the session. 
Lessons are 1 hour..
Cash, Paypal and Venmo are accepted.
Feel free to contact me at my email below to discuss your needs!