I'm Your Session Guitarist!

I've been adding guitars to tracks for the last 40 plus years. From Major Label to Indie Label to Commercial Products to Home Recording Artists looking to add some creative guitar textures, solos, rhythms or memorable signature lines...I'm there for you. Improvisation is my passion and it encompasses the entire gamut of what a guitar in the right, experienced hands can add. Don't be afraid to contact me or send an email with an mp3 to see if I feel I can help you polish off the recording or find that elusive sound in your head! Please read on for some kind words and FAQ's.

What are your rates?

My rate is $50 per hour with a $150 minimum. The average song takes between 1-3 hours to add multiple layers of guitar tracks. Some songs can take longer. If I am hired to produce the track my musical abilities and studio expertise are all included. Please see Producer page. 
I accept Cash and Paypal and Venmo.

Are you available to travel for sessions to outside studios?
 I am available to travel in the NorthEast to a studio of your choice.
There is an extra fee for travel time and accomodations if necessary.

Do you have your own studio and need I be present?
Yes I do! Most sessions are done in my own professionally equipped studio.
My guitar, amplifier, modeler, preamp, compression, fx and microphone collection are world class.
And no, you need not be present.

What can I do to make the process as creative as possible?
You can provide charts. Simple chord charts or notation. Any chart is better than no chart. 

Contact me through the contact button on this website or my email : ronzabrocki@hotmail.com
to discuss what I can do for you!