Production-Product Demo

I will be accepting production work on a very limited basis.
Please contact me to discuss your needs.

My studio is a well appointed home studio located in Queens, NY. Gear is of the highest caliber...and I know how to use it. A typical song can take between 6 and 20 hours on average, but there really is no way of giving an exact amount and also the reason I charge by the hour and not the song. 
Rates are $50 per hour.
I book in 3 and 6 hour sessions.

Bulk rates can be discussed after I hear the material. I specialize in SOLO artists looking for a producer. I am well versed in all styles of Pop, Rock, Folk and Blues.


$500 plus one free (or seriously discounted)  product you wish me to create a demo and video for. I will only promote products I believe in so I will need time with your product to decide if we are a fit.